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At Pro Dog Daycare our skilled team promote desirable inter-dog social skills and interactions.

Our team’s complete focus is to promote desirable social behaviour and to have fun. Inter-dog socialisation when well managed creates a fulfilling day for your dog. They will go home both enriched and feeling satisfied, and no doubt sleep extremely well.  We also cater for those dogs that prefer a low key day, relaxing with like minded mates and enjoying each others company.

We would recommend that your dog attends daycare at least once a week depending on their activity levels and behavioural needs.  Our team focuses heavily on group development and our preference is for dogs to come in on the same day/s each week, which assists us in developing cohesive groups and consequently improves the daycare experience for all of the dogs in our care.

We are proud to run one one of Australia’s most reputable indoor dog daycare and training facilities.


Our complete focus on maintaining positive social interactions and safe play, sets us apart. Our highly skilled team love helping young dogs develop and making sure older dogs enjoy their day.

A large part of our programs success and safety record relates to some of the parameters we place around the program. For example all dogs that attend our daycare lock in a set day/s each week. We don’t offer casual daycare. The reason we do this is so we can develop stable groups of dogs. This makes for a much more predictable and safer environment, with dogs forging strong bonds with each other.


Our indoor facility is completely secure, with only the highest quality materials used in the fit-out to create a highly functional and hygienic facility. The whole set-up was carefully planned –  from the PVC fencing, the commercial grade antibacterial vinyl floor in the pens and airflow system.  The pen set-up maximises safety and security.

Our team are highly skilled animal husbandry professionals. We have strict protocols around hygiene and disease prevention, ensuring all dogs have the highest level of care when at our facilities.


The Pro Dog Training Academy is one of only a few purpose built training centres in Australia. The Academy is only 1 minute drive from our dog daycare centre, offering private lessons and our extremely comprehensive range of dog training classes/services. Please contact us for whatever your training needs are.

We also run a huge number of dog training events and seminars each year, which include both local and international presenters who are experts in their field.  These events are for both industry professionals and the general public.


  • We have been really impressed with Pro Dog Daycare, and so has Allie our Boxer. She can't wait to get inside in the morning, and is looked after fantastically. The Day Care is really well set up. We really enjoy seeing the videos and pictures of her day, and it is obvious to us that David has a wonderful way with animals. Allie will be coming back!

    Geoff Wallace
  • I wouldn't take our dogs anywhere else. The team at Pro Dog are always welcoming, friendly and happy. The facility is clean, well maintained, presentable and our dogs love being there. We have an elderly boxer and a temperamental frenchy, they are both looked after extremely well.

    Andrew Mitchell
  • Excellent facility, second to none. Staff are super friendly and professional. Our dog has always come home happy and tired from a day of playing with their mates, which we love. Grateful for the help and guidance we have received, plus having the training gear available there for us to buy in the shop is handy. Can't thank you enough, we love Pro Dog!

    Joseph Antonio
  • My partner and I decided to look into a doggy daycare that cared after a few incidents at another popular doggy daycare. That's when we came across Pro Dog Daycare! Not only is it local to the west, but we have loved the whole experience with them. They really about the dog's wellbeing, behaviour and are so attentive.

    Dalena Pham
  • Love the fact that we can leave our fur baby while we are at work in the capable hands of people who care. She absolutely loves it there. We love the daily videos/photo updates! If your looking for a great doggy day care centre run by dog trainers look no further! Great job team!

    Marie Davies


Our daycare program has been developed to promote desirable social interactions  – all under the supervision and attention of our dedicated and trained Pro Dog team.

Our facility is hygienic, functional and safe for your dog. Our daycare program is frequently reviewed and activities are changed/modified to ensure your dog gets the most out of their visit. Considerable investment goes into all of our facilities each year for both maintenance purposes and to make overall improvements.

When you bring your dog in for their first day we will carefully assess suitability. The policies and procedures we have in place, along with our highly skilled team of certified trainers ensure the safety and wellbeing of your dog is always our first priority. Our experienced team will provide you with frequent updates relating to your dog’s experience whilst in our care and we will let you know if we think there is benefit in utilising any of our other training services.

We have a great deal of success in building confidence and improving social behaviour in our daycare service, but please note that this is not always the case depending on the behavioural concern. At times training will be a requirement prior to starting daycare. Please also be aware that not all dog are suited to a dog daycare environment. Dave’s (Pro Dog owner) working line GSD Rhea for example is not suited. She is purpose bred for many tasks that she excels in, dog daycare not being one of them.

Introducing our NEW Day Train program, which has been developed as an add-on service to our current daycare program. It is suitable for all daycare clients that have purchased a pass. The purpose of this program is to develop foundational skills and to provide extra activity/enrichment for the dogs in the program. Clients are given access to a video library with demonstrations of all training exercises used in the program. At the end of each session the client will receive a text from the trainer detailing which video tutorials relate to the day’s training session.




10 Day Pass


20 Day Pass


2 or more dogs

10% off

Add-on Day Train 10 Pass



Our team will complete a behavioural assessment with your dog. You don’t need to wait around for this. We will have enough information from our initial phone conversation to know if there are any significant concerns. If there are concerns that we identified in the initial phone chat we will make further arrangements with you to best manage your dog’s day, but you will be made aware of this prior to coming in.

Once the behavioural assessment is completed, your dog will be introduced to the group under strict supervision until they settle in with their new mates. We have several designated areas for dogs of varying temperament, size and energy levels to suit your dog’s needs.

We do recommend a slightly shorter day for their first day. It is a very new and unique experience that can be a little exhausting their first time around. We tend to find from their second visit the full day is no issue at all. If you can’t organise an early pick up on the first day we do have the option of a full day.


Please ensure that your dog’s C5 vaccination is up to date and bring a copy of your certificate with you on your first visit. Worming and flea treatment should also be up to date.



We are conveniently located only 5 minutes from the West Gate Freeway, 2 minutes from Tottenham Train Station and less than 15 minutes from the CBD!


Pro Dog Daycare
2D/19-23 Paramount Rd
West Footscray, VIC 3012


Monday – Friday: 7.30am to 6.30pm



(03) 9088 5009

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